Televising sewer lines has been an invaluable way of assessing the condition of a sewer line in real time. It can    reveal blockages from debris to roots to grease; show cracks, breaks or deterioration of a pipe. It allows for this    kind of detailed diagnosis without the need for excavation, saving time and money.
​​  Detailed Inspection Report​​ showing from manhole to manhole​​ <---arrow showing direction of flow---> ​​service locations including footage distances​​ and positioning  distance markers locating sags, dirt, offsets and broken pipes..etc.​​ All information recorded is copied to a DVD for easy accessibility for viewing.


  Our cameras are equipped with pan/tilt/zooming capabilities along with LED lights for a clear picture.
  Recording in MPEG4 high resolution video quality and JPEG picture clarity is standard for our costumers.

  Our crawlers are six wheel drive, also having attachments to center the camera in 6 to 18 inch lines. For larger diameter pipe sizes, a remote-operated camera lift centers the view...with capabilities of a riser to 72 inch lines and beyond.

​Inspection Report
Push Camera

  These inspection devices can reach and explore difficult spots in waste water systems, storm water systems, pipelines of different kinds, drains and other hard-to-see areas. LED illumination and completely submersible with distances over 100 feet.

   This portable self contained unit is ideal for difficult
easement work and hard 
to reach locations. The 
OutPost can be mounted
into a pickup or a Polaris

Portable Systems
Hydro-Vac, Inc.