is the practice of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities to ascertain the horizontal and vertical location of the utility. The horizontal and vertical position of the exposed facility must be tied to a survey benchmark or permanent above grade feature. Some municipalities and utility companies consider potholing to be viewed as an essential phase of underground construction for all types of excavation including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. This practice applies to all potholing activities for both construction and design applications.


Don't Let This Happen To You!
You can prevent utility damage by using this non destructive method of excavation.

The underground utilities are safely exposed without damage to the protective coatings of pipes and cables.

Traditional methods of mechanical excavation have the potential to damage utilities and disrupt essential services and cannot compare to the hydro extraction method.

The safe, non destructive method means damage to utilities is prevented and saves innumerable costs associated with a utility damage including downtime, rework, repairs, personal injury and public damages including inconvenience.

Prevent Damages
Hydro-Vac provides a pro-active solution for your project to meet safety requirements.

The use of vacuum excavation greatly reduces the risk of injury to personnel, and all but eliminates the risk of damage to any surrounding structures.

The need to hand dig and/or probe is eliminated and safety is enhanced reducing the potential for personal injury from utility damages, including power shock or electrocution.
Safety First
Hydro-Vac's vacuum excavation is fast, producing efficient results to expose located utilities to provide high quality clearances.

It also eliminates un-necessary hand digging, meaning improved work flow and ability to continue on a project without delays. Work in high traffic areas can be cost effectively planned by using vacuum excavation units.

Hydro-Vac can conduct any practical excavation with the vacuum units ability and suction power. Its capabilities can be utilized for a variety of services.
Cost Effective Solutions
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